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Mary Weishaar, Director of Camas Community Education

Name: Mary.Weishaar, add it to “”
Direct: 360.833.5549

As director of Camas Community Education and Camas Extended Day, Mary manages the planning and development of these programs by creating a friendly and respectful environment throughout the community. She establishes positive and collaborative working relationships among community members, parents, students, instructors, and district personnel. Building need-based programs taught by quality instructors with the intent of creating a productive environment, helping children and adults thrive in their community is the top priority for Mary.

Karen Rudolf, Camas Community Education Manager

Name: Karen.Rudolf, add it to “”
Direct: 360.833.5548

As a manager of the Camas Community Education program, Karen coordinates all Camas Community Education’s programs and activities. Working with parents, students, schools, program staff, and the community, she provides stability and support for the daily operation of the program. Karen also creates our class publications and manages the Camas Community Education website. Helping community members enrich their lives by providing quality before- and after-school extracurricular activities is Karen’s goal.

Brenda Snell, Camas Community Education Coordinator

Name: Brenda.Snell, add it to “”
Direct: 360.833.5547

As coordinator of the Camas Community Education program, Brenda helps direct the programs and activities associated with the Before and After School Care for preschool and elementary age children. She also lends a hand to the Camas Community Preschool. Brenda provides tours of the facility, registers new students, and works directly with staff members. Her constant enthusiasm and ability to tackle any challenge keeps our programs ticking.

 Rachel Best, Camas Community Education Coordinator & Facility/Field Scheduler

Name: Rachel.Best, add it to “”
Extended Day Program: 360.833.5610, ext. 1
Facility/Field Scheduler: 360.833.5572

As coordinator of the Camas Community Education program, Rachel supports the Extended Day program at Jack, Will and Rob Center (JWR), and acts as a liaison to parents, students, schools, program staff, and the community. Rachel provides tours of the facility, and works directly with Community Ed staff. Her desire to help parents and children feel welcome and comfortable with this valuable program is an important asset to the community and the district. Rachel is also the districtwide scheduler of all Camas School District facilities


 Karen Lukowiak, Camas Community Education Secretary

Name: Karen.Lukowiak, add it to “”
Direct: 360.833.5544

As secretary of the Camas Community Education program, Karen is the first friendly face you see when you walk through our door. She handles class registrations (along with many other tasks) and deals directly with parents and school secretaries to make sure all of our children are where they belong. Karen daily saves the sanity of her office coworkers who value her sweet, professional demeanor. Karen is the glue that holds Community Ed together.